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I AM Trayvon Martin.

My concern with the Trayvon Martin murder is not that there will be no justice. That’s going to happen (we will not stop the full court press until it does. Even if justice is far too narrow in this land of industrial complex).

My concern is that to many who are witness to this tragedy only see it as an isolated incident or worse.. that there is a belief that this is a “black issue”.

Consider this: If I, as the feared subject (vs. object, the distinction is important) public enemy #1 move or respond in any direction that isn’t submissive or jovial; those who fear me suddenly get so busy (mentally, physically, or legislatively)  “protecting themselves and their idea of “other” that i become a greater target.  The national response to yet another life lost to the hands of profiling and ignorance is not a song and dance for attention. It is an assertive collective push for justice.                 RACISM IN AMERICA IS not an opportunity for me to gather my friends who identify as white and have a come to Jesus moment. Nor is it some figment of historically oppressed imagination.  IT IS a constant plea from humanity to those who identify as white to ask themselves and each other what it was that lead them to adopt such a inhuman supremacist identity? What were the series of events? what unaddressed pains? what feeling of lack? Who benefited from this choice? Short term or generational?  Once those questions are explored and answered, those who identify as white must work with each-other to heal themselves and dismantle the institutions that perpetuate the illness (this is not an easy task).  I am sure that I’m far from the first person to write on this reality yet i will continue to write because justice doesn’t come from a court of law.   I must be able to communicate to my two month old nephew as he grows in to his chosen time… that he is not to blame for the unaddressed pains of a entire group that identifies themselves as white and refuses unpack and take responsibility for rolls played in history.  Who seem to view the lives of those whom they choose not to identify with as expendable.  He will not grow up in fear, resentful or find it necessary to write a similar blog when he is in his 30’s .  Only then will there be justice.  Trayvon is my nephew, my son my brother, ME.  We are in this together an everyone must do there own work.